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I am having some fun casting these days. 
It's sure a lot of job making stuff in bronze, and fuck it's heavy. Why so much silver for just one thing? A tiny little... okay not so tiny, but 80 gram silver for a damn ring sounds kinda much. I did not know silver needed so much to become so little. I am worried some of my silver will be wasted like this, but oh, well. I'll get to make my symbol in silver. 
It shall be interesting. 

I have to get early to school tomorrow to finish some of my stuff. I guess I should go around 6 or seven. 
Fix some color on my sea stars, my other world gate and, my little temple of the swallows. I like the idea of it having been whole at some point. It have to have been at some point, seeing it being in ruins, right? Anyways.

I got many rings to work on, most importantly I got a damn wolf I am working at.
Though most call it a dog, I did make it resemble a totem... maybe the one ear down made it look like a dog somehow. I shall finish it today hopefully. So much work.
Yet, the silver ring I have to cast in the next week someday. 
It's so much work for something so damn small. I hope it go well though. 
I am kinda exited about it. I hope it will become something nice. 

Ah, but I hate this kinda work.
It's not really my kind of thing. Running around with blades all morning and plaster throwing garbage all around. It's damn annoying. And the teacher telling one to use safety gear because it's "unsafe" to play around with bare hands on some kind of melted plastic and a hand saw... at least I don't have to play around with chicken wire. 

Hah... I look forward to something fun the next three weeks, not that this was no fun, but I am not that kinda artist. Though, I would love to make a statue in stone. 

My mood: a bit excited

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