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Overpricing my works... yeah I know, probably stupid, but I really like them. I don't wanna sell them quite easily.
I like them to much...

I look forward, kinda a little nervous. I am not sure how I should dress... I feel weird. Not sure. O_O
ah, now I worry about that guy talking about my tits, I mean, why would he comment it? I feel weird. Weird... really weird. I feelt really light when walking to school. Will I be okay in christmas? I get lots of time practicing harp later when my friend go this sunday... maybe monday. I am going to be alone a while... I want sex as well, though I don't know why my body should feel it so much lately. I am just honest. It must be something wrong with my body.
I hope I don't have to talk tomorrow... should I use guy shampo or smell like a woman tomorrow? Should I use a tie and a shirt or a dress of sorts? Shoes? I gotta work my shoes... maybe chains? or no chains... maybe... no idea...
Presents... I wonder if anyone will call me about my paintings. I don't wish to sell them, yet I do. I overprice them kinda because I need to know someone love them enough to buy them. O_o
I don't know... I also need cash, so it's a way to safe guard myself if someone buy it, so I can get enough cash to move a better place.

Maybe the teachers will ask me considering my price... I don't wanna change it though, it's the feeling I have for the pictures. I simply love them in a way. It's something I've made. I don't want to let them go so easily.
My mood: a bit calm

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